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Welcome to Aloe Vera Fresca

We are pleased to introduce you to the genuine and unique aloe vera from Fuerteventura. 

In our local branches, holidaymakers have the opportunity to receive personal and individual advice and to purchase our outstanding products directly from us at factory prices. 

Immerse yourself in the world of aloe vera and discover the many applications of this fascinating plant.

Audio Abspielen


Audio Abspielen

We only use the highest quality aloe vera in the manufacture of our products in order to preserve their uniqueness and guarantee you the best quality


In all our branches, trained specialists will inform you about the major differences in aloe vera and how our products differ from the rest. 


The largest selection of fresh aloe vera products awaits you in our shops. You can test all our products free of charge.  



We offer our products at unbeatable factory prices directly from the manufacturer. Visitors to the Canary Islands also benefit from tax-free shopping, so you can purchase high-quality aloe vera products at particularly attractive conditions.



Become a VIP customer and benefit from exclusive offers! Visit one of our branches to find out more about the benefits of our VIP card. This is also valid in the online shop after prior registration.


You can also order our products conveniently online. Please note that taxes, fees and transport costs may apply depending on the country of delivery. You can find more information on this in our Onlineshop.


For your safety and protection against counterfeits, please verify that you are in an official Aloe Vera Fresca Fabrica store.

Do not purchase our Aloe Vera products from markets or stores not listed on our website.

Our products are also available online only at

Please note that we do not provide warranty for Aloe Vera products that were not purchased from us directly, as you may have encountered a scammer.

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